Zip Around the City in total Comfort
Zip Around the City in total Comfort
Bangkok’s BTS Skytrain is not only an efficient, comfortable people mover, but also an impressive icon of the city’s super modern infrastructure

BKK: What's In the Name?

How Others see Bangkok

"Bangkok engulfs but never enervates, forever energizing those who forgive its excesses."
-Time,22 February 2010

"As Calcutta smells of death and Bombay of money. Bangkok smells of sex, but this sexual aroma is mingled with the sharper whiffs of sex and money."
-Paul Theroux

"One night in Bangkok and the world's your oyster."
-Murry Head from the 1984 album Chess

"Bangkok is Y-chromosome territory…"
- Jerry Hopkins, Bangkok Babylon

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Charm amid the Chaos in Chinatown

Yaowarat, Bangkok’s bustling Chinatown is unlike anything you’ve seen in the west. Here, the sights are as old as the area itself, the sounds as deafening as before, and the smells as pungent as ever... Read more

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Some Kick-Ass Action
Muay Thai Boxing

Muay Thai Boxing
To the uninitiated, Thai boxing can seem like a very violent sport. This form of kickboxing is, however, very much like most in-ring combat found in other parts of Southeast Asia. Muay Thai is Thailand's national sport, and the country's top boxers receive as much star power as the latest pop acts. A visit to Bangkok is, therefore, not quite complete without watching this exciting sport. Some fans consider it as spirit-rousing as a cock fight!
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Songkran Water Festival
13 - 15 April
The Water Festival is to Thailand what La Tomatina is to Spain. While the tomato-throwing festival is limited to the town of Bunol, not far from Valencia, water-splashing takes place throughout Thailand. Both festivals are, of course, equally fun, boisterous and messy, but water is cleaner and does not stain like tomatoes! The Spanish may have what is termed as the "World's Biggest Food Fight" but, here in Thailand, we have the World's Wettest Friendly Fight!
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Fast Facts

Bangkok was not the Thai capital until King Rama I situated it along the Chao Phraya River in 1782. Today, the city is home to 10 million people, and around 400 temples. Bangkok does not suffer from severe weather although it can get unbearably hot, especially in the middle of the year. The best time to visit is between November and February when it is cool and dry.
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Central Department Store
Thailand’s oldest and most popular department store

Zen Department Store
Asia’s largest lifestyle trend megastore

Robinson Department Store
For the best value, Robinson can’t be beat

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BKK Basics

Everything you’ve heard about Bangkok is true. It’s both exciting and excruciating. Exciting because it is here that you will find a cultural richness unmatched elsewhere in Southeast Asia. Excruciating because the traffic will test your nerves and the pollution will aggravate the sinus (if not the missus!). Still, if you study and know the routes of the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System) Skytrain well, half your battle is won.
From the Airport From the Airport
The relief you will feel from leaving Suvarna- bhumi Airport will be extended to the journey into the city. It’s a relatively traffic-light 40- minute drive on the expressway or, if the Airport Rail Link evetually opens, a 15-minute ride. Ignore the persistent touts that loiter outside the arrival areas. Hop into a metered taxi for a quick getaway that will cost you around 250 baht (or 7 USD).
Around the City Around the City
Unless you consider traffic congestion the ideal way to explore the city, you’re well advised to avoid travelling on inner-city roads. Your best bet is the BTS Skytrain that whizzes above the city or the MRT that zooms underground. Both systems ply major tourist areas, especially those that beckon with buys. If you need to head inward a deep, winding soi, use a motorcycle taxi.
What to Wear What to Wear
While most Thais are convinced that the year is divided into seasons and will emphasise the arrival of “winter”, it’s usually quite warm (okay, it’s mostly hot!) from January to December. Light clothing is highly recommended to ensure comfortable sightseeing. Do take note that sleeveless tops, shorts and slippers are almost always not welcome at temples and palaces.
For Your Wallet For Your Wallet
If you intend to do your shopping in markets and wholesale centres, and your eating at roadside food stalls, cash, as everyone will say, is king. Elsewhere, major credit cards are accepted. Thai department stores, like those in France, offer 5% tourist discount when you can prove you’re a visitor. When you’ve spent above 5000 baht, get a form for the 7% VAT refund at the airport.
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