Day by Day

Day 1 : Cultural LifeDay 2 : River LifeDay 3 : Calinary LifeDay 4 : Modern LifeDay 5 : Out of City Life

Day 5: Adventurous Life

For all the charms that Bangkok has to offer—and the chaos too, all of them combined and absorbed at breakneck speed can result in a sensory assault. To cleanse the spirit, and to re-focus, leaving this congested city is highly recommended. Even Bangkokians are wont to escape further afield when too much is indeed too much. They’ll hop into a car and drive off, usually to nearby towns and beaches where one can actually breathe and hear one’s breathing. A short drive into the outskirts brings visitors to another Thailand—sometimes rustic, always delightful. When city living starts to wear you down, it might be fun to go away but near the beaten tracks.

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