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Day 4: Modern Life

One activity that dominates the social life of Thai urbanites is shopping. The number of massive malls that dot the capital is a clear indication of the lure of conspicuous consumption. But buying is not the sole reason they flock to these complexes. Blackberry-wielding young Thais gather in the air-conditioned interior to mingle, catch a movie, down doughnuts, and partake in anything that’s sanook. To make it enticing to these customers, shopping centres in Bangkok are enormous, self-contained, multi-storey plazas that, like temple grounds of the past, offer products sold in a fair-like atmosphere. Only now, instead of likay performances (folk theatre), you’ll most likely find earsplitting concerts by Korean boy bands.

The main shopping district of Bangkok is the tourist-recognized downtown that stretches the length of Rama I Road and the lower end of Ploenchit Road, a distance marked by Mahboonkrong on one end and Central Chidlom on another. This is a bustling shopping street just like any in a capital-city, but in Bangkok, street vendors come out to hawk their wares as soon as the spanking malls dim their lights. On pedestrian kerbs and on overpasses, they ensure that shopping can go on till late in the evening. High-end or low-brow, the city has it all.

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